Thank you dear ‘October’, Thank you for giving me the nudge that I needed!

Thank you dear ‘October’, Thank you for giving me the nudge that I needed!

Like the night jasmine flower
Beautiful, fragrant and graceful
Like the night jasmine flower
Her time was limited
The earth yearned for more
But she was ready to go.

The most beautiful artistic expressions can rekindle, inspire and awaken dormant creative energy. And in my case, the movie ‘October’ was the nudge I needed to rekindle my blog after 2 years!

An abundance of emotion, expressed effortlessly, with control.
An abundance of love, through turmoil and sadness.
An abundance of patience and hope, during times of utmost uncertainty.

October is one of the most heart wrenching movies I have seen in a long time. This is a movie filled with stillness, space, silence, and support, and truly embodies the phrase ‘Stillness speaks’. There are many people in this world who will give you unsolicited advice (something I dislike with a passion), but how many people really support you during turbulent times? When this support comes unconditionally and unexpectedly, it fills you with so much hope, there is no turning back. There are always angels out there! And God exists within us and through us.

While October is quite a tear-jerker, it also fills you with immense hope, if you decide to focus on it 😊 It reminds you that ‘All you have is the present moment, so live it to the fullest’. And that doesn’t mean, no tears, no turmoil, or no frustration. Live through these moments, knowing fully well that life is impermanent. The best we can do is the best in every given moment. Moments of despair can teach you lessons that nothing else can, if you decide to make them lessons.

I’m not providing a  full synopsis of the movie, there are many out there! But I will give a shout out to every single actor in this movie, for displaying such intense emotion with extreme control, effortlessly. Having spent a lot of time in the ICU, and Indian hospitals, a lot of scenes resonated with me completely. This movie depicts reality. The background score is interwoven with the story perfectly. The filmmaker has also blended elements of nature into the movie seamlessly. This movie is slow paced (and I’m not a fan of slow paced movies), but with good reason. Healing takes time, care, support and patience. And the movie reflects patience in hope.
Go watch October, even if you don’t understand hindi ! It won’t disappoint ! Many of the most beautiful expressions in this movie are conveyed with the eyes! And of course there are always subtitles 😊

A great writer once said, “If you die, it is glory, if you live, it is grace”.

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