Kindred spirits laugh about nothing….

Some people are meant to come into your life, for their sake and yours. And when that happens, it is a rather heartwarming experience.  That has happened to be in the last few days with a one year old munchkin, Aria, and her amma.

This amma doesn’t realize that she has a heart, and a heart of gold nevertheless. She belittles her beautiful heart, something that I have constantly stopped her from doing several times ! Anusha is a kindred spirit, an only child whose parents are not in her life. Her journey has been filled with struggles, exponentially bigger than mine (atleast in IMHO). But here she is today, filled with strength, courage and a ton of positive energy. It is not about the struggles you face, but what you become as a result of those struggles that ends up defining you as a person. 

My heart tends to gravitate towards 2 types of human beings. The first type has an open, honest, warm, expressive, uninhibited, down to earth, and ‘say it like it is’ personality. And the second, a down to earth, warm, slightly introverted, private, ‘I’d rather not say it than say it like it is’ type. As you can see, the intersection includes warmth, and a down to earth personality. Of course, these descriptions are not exhaustive, but gotta get this blog out today:)  Anusha definitely falls under the first category, similar to me. And for those of you who believe that astrology has some truth to it, here’s a funny coincidence. We are the same star sign and moon sign in vedic astrology! Laugh away folks, for those of you who don’t believe there is any truth to astrology, that’s quite alright, because in my world, 99% of everything is subjective! That excludes Donald Trump saying “Atleast I’m not as bad as ISIS” in a presidential debate !

Aria, a mountain, a munchkin and beautiful ball of joy, has been raised remarkably by Harry, her daddy, and Anusha. Ok, ok, Anusha, you don’t do most of the heavy lifting 🙂 It has been a relatively easy task managing Aria in the household, thanks to her Amma’s parenting style and the cutest rabbit teeth smiles that I have had the pleasure of witnessing countless times😀

Oh and yes, Anusha is the girl who has made me speak more Tamil than I ever thought possible ! My last 3 days with Anusha in Kirkland, WA takes me back to being with my best friend kamini at the age of 16, at her house in Chennai, India. And this is because, we have laughed, laughed about nothing, constantly and continuously through 3 wonderful days that I will always treasure in my life 🙂


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