Why a Blog?

My super brilliant K chithi asked me – Why a blog? I understand it can be cathartic, but is there anything more to it?

Yes. There is. For an over expressive person like me, pouring my heart out ain’t hard 🙂 However, there are countless folks who are stuck, stuck in denial, stuck in a place where expression seems impossible. I hope to help them come out of their shells. And while I am at it, share recipes, yoga poses, art, travel experiences, and most importantly moments and people  who bring so much joy into my life, that it seems impossible not to live my life as best as I can , to the fullest,  each and every single day. Without feeling, I believe healing is close to impossible. And yes life will never be the same again, but it can be beautiful, and it can make you an infinitely better person. There is so much strength and beauty in tears, in vulnerability, and in revealing the deepest darkest parts that exist within you.

Without darkness there ain’t no light
Without hardship, there ain’t no life
Without sorrow, there ain’t no joy
Without heartbreak, there ain’t no love

Love, love all you can
From every cell in your body
The most you can
And even when you feel like you can’t anymore,
Ask yourself , one more time
Do I have another ounce of compassion within me?

Without rain, there ain’t no sunshine
Without rain, there ain’t no green
Without rain, there ain’t no water
Without rain, there ain’t no rainbows!

So every time you are dreary and low,
Think about the ocean
So soft and calm when it needs to be
And yet so strong, and able to withstand anything
Ask yourself, how can I be
Exactly what I need to be, when I need to be….










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